Letters to the Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

Letters to the Editor – Sydney Morning Herald

Letters to the Editor dated 14th July 2020.

As seen in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Stand up to miners

I sincerely hope that the good people of the Hunter Valley are successful in their quest for a coal-free future (“Region ponders a coal-free future” July 13). But given that the major coal miners are foreign-based – Shenhua (China), Adani (India), Peabody (USA), Rio Tinto (Britain), BHP-Billiton (Britain) – we locals need to put a stop to the destruction of our native animals and environment. The big companies have no real concern about the damage, apart from what it will cost them in rehabilitation, Once they have made their money, they’ll be off.

If our local politicians won’t protect these treasures, through either collusion or ideology, then they should be turfed out and replaced with people who will. They like to quote the job numbers, as though they are the only criteria, but make no mention of the long-term damage and the mess left behind for the next generations to clean up. – Ron Wessel, Mount St Thomas

I think most people agree that coal is a “dying fossil fuel” (Letters, July 13). So what it really needs now is not new opportunities in the Wollombi Valley, but only palliative care. – Bridget Wilcken, Mosman


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